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DKMS Policy on Bone Marrow Collection and Unstimulated Leukapheresis (DLI) requests during COVID Pandemic
Dear valued partners,

In view of the dynamic development of the COVID crisis, DKMS implements the following policy globally:

Bone Marrow Collection
• BM collection capacities might collapse due to staff reasons, need for ICU beds, or availability of ventilators at short notice. Therefore, in the current situation BM products should be reserved for those patients where PBSC is no option, especially small children and recipients with non-malignant conditions. Thus, we will ask you for a reason for each non-obvious BM request.

• We strongly recommend to switch any bone marrow request to PBSC where medically feasible. We will still accept BM requests, and do everything possible to continue, but we can no longer ensure that we will be able to collect this product to the same extent as we could for PBSC.

• Lower-than-requested cell counts are often observed in BM products. Please be aware of additional cryopreservation-associated cell loss when you make decisions on cryopreservation of BM products, especially for adult patients and in cases with unfavorable donor-patient weight ratio. If the expected viable cell content after cryopreservation is below the threshold for a promising transplantation, the collection unit might not be able to clear the donor for BM donation.

Unstimulated Leukapheresis
As long as apheresis capacities are not seriously hampered, we will still accept DLI requests, but we can no longer ensure that we will be able to collect the product to the same extent as we could for PBSC. We might be forced to cancel or postpone especially prophylactic T cell collections.

• Due to the unclear availability of DLI products, we urge all transplant centers to cryopreserve lymphocytes from T cell depletion or any other HSC product manipulation step.

Please stay safe and healthy!

Best wishes,
Your DKMS Team
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